Your pain enters my heart – swirls around inside of me and comes back as compassion. Years ago, while hiking at the Oregon coast, I decided to spend some time at a look out point while my family ventured further down the trail.  Settling  on the bench, I was  immediately distracted  by a woman standing … [Read more…]

United Tour – Oregon

After two events in Washington, it was nice to cross the Columbia into my home turf.     The day was made even sweeter when I saw that my friends Gaby, Mayra, & Jasmine took time out of their day to show their support in a non judgemental way.           It’s … [Read more…]

United Tour – Washington

We stopped sometime in the middle of the night on our way to Washington. Upon waking, I quickly realized that once again I didn’t know where I was. “What state am I in?” I asked the man at the hotel lobby coffee station. His response – “Maam, unless you are traveling on that blue bus … [Read more…]

United Tour – Montana

The day began with just a bit of confusion. Yes, this really happened.  I learned we were in Idaho and still had a ways to go. But it was worth the wait when we were greeted by over 200 enthusiastic supporters at the rally in Helena, MT.                    This crowd loved signing the … [Read more…]

United Tour – Wyoming

She was happy to receive a free copy of my book and then wanted to share her story. A few years back, her twin sister was standing on a bridge – ready to end her life. She said a prayer, asking God to give her some guidance. She chose life for herself – and it … [Read more…]

United Tour – Colorado

It was smooth sailing getting to Denver today. The traffic in the Columbia Gorge was light at 5 am., the  worship music kept me awake and the TSA pre check made me feel special. On the plane – sitting next to me was an avid reader – a University of Portland student who was thrilled … [Read more…]