Trigger Happy

Two weeks ago I traveled to San Francisco to participate in the  Walk for Life West Coast.  Being part of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign meant I’d be making lots of new friends and together we’d be sharing our stories with 50,000 people.   Hopefully I’d  sell enough copies of LOVE WILL to cover expenses, … [Read more…]


Your pain enters my heart – swirls around inside of me and comes back as compassion. Years ago, while hiking at the Oregon coast, I decided to spend some time at a look out point while my family ventured further down the trail.  Settling  on the bench, I was  immediately distracted  by a woman standing … [Read more…]

United Tour – Oregon

After two events in Washington, it was nice to cross the Columbia into my home turf.     The day was made even sweeter when I saw that my friends Gaby, Mayra, & Jasmine took time out of their day to show their support in a non judgemental way.           It’s … [Read more…]

United Tour – Washington

We stopped sometime in the middle of the night on our way to Washington. Upon waking, I quickly realized that once again I didn’t know where I was. “What state am I in?” I asked the man at the hotel lobby coffee station. His response – “Maam, unless you are traveling on that blue bus … [Read more…]

United Tour – Montana

The day began with just a bit of confusion. Yes, this really happened.  I learned we were in Idaho and still had a ways to go. But it was worth the wait when we were greeted by over 200 enthusiastic supporters at the rally in Helena, MT.                    This crowd loved signing the … [Read more…]

United Tour – Wyoming

She was happy to receive a free copy of my book and then wanted to share her story. A few years back, her twin sister was standing on a bridge – ready to end her life. She said a prayer, asking God to give her some guidance. She chose life for herself – and it … [Read more…]

United Tour – Colorado

It was smooth sailing getting to Denver today. The traffic in the Columbia Gorge was light at 5 am., the  worship music kept me awake and the TSA pre check made me feel special. On the plane – sitting next to me was an avid reader – a University of Portland student who was thrilled … [Read more…]