1. WooHoo, Cindy!!!! You did it! I’m so proud of you and know that this blog and website are impirtant steps in moving forward. Way to go!!! I especially like your tagline about hope, healing and empowerment. Great word choice! Keep it up (with or without the perfection of perfect spelling and grammar). Love you!!!

  2. Kris Mooney

    Love, love LOVE this!
    I am so excited that you’re continuing on with your vision and mission with your writing! You, Dear Cindy, are indeed an Author. I love to cheerleader you, read your words, promote your work and encourage you to the best of my ability as you make your way along this circuitous journey. The adventure is just beginning, and God is surely Blessing! I can’t wait to be taken along on this ride with you!
    BIG, Gigantic (((Hugs)))
    With Love,

    • Thank you friend! Love Will would not have happened without you and all your support. I welcome you in the shotgun seat anytime! And since I’m learning spanish – perhaps there will be future events in your winter country.

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