United Tour – Colorado

It was smooth sailing getting to Denver today. The traffic in the Columbia Gorge was light at 5 am., the  worship music kept me awake and the TSA pre check made me feel special.

On the plane – sitting next to me was an avid reader – a University of Portland student who was thrilled to receive a free copy of Love Will. She was on her fall break and had already read her current book three times!

Add to that – the Denver taxi driver who suggest a free shuttle when I told him where I needed to go. Then the shuttle driver who after inquiring about my purpose for being there resulted in him taking me right to the door my destination.

I joined up with the wonderful folks on the 40 Days for Life United Tour for the second half of the Colorado leg.


Colorado Springs Prayer Vigil

The next stop was Colorado Springs, which was hosting its first 40 Days for Life campaign since a tragic shooting at the local Planned Parenthood last year.




This beautiful woman gave me a copy of her story written by her daughter.    It was years after her self performed abortion that she came to realize that what came out of her was much more valuable than just a blob of tissue.

It was at that moment that she began to weep. It seemed to be centuries before her weeping ceased. My mom was riddled with guilt and regret over what she had done to her child. The torment she felt inside began to manifest itself with physical sickness. She cried herself to sleep thinking of that child whose life she could never give back. She was so lost and confused. My mom did not think she could tell her secret to anyone because she thought they would turn their back on her for killing her baby.

Her healing began when a priest spoke about abortion and the effects it can have on a woman. She had to go through the difficult process of connecting with and then mourning the loss of her child whom she chose to name Joshua David.

My mom has since forgiven herself for the act she committed, but she uses her experience to help other young girls who find themselves in the same situation.

Like myself, Rose has experienced the joy that can come from taking our biggest regret and using it to help others.

Then it was back to Denver. What a warm welcome from the large crowd outside the second largest Planned Parenthood in the United States. I learned that Colorado was the first state to legalize abortion – six years ahead of Roe V Wade.


Colorado State Rally

There was a boisterous  competition among some young men to see who could get their signatures the highest on the bus.

After sharing my testimony, another woman who is part of the club I like to say, “none of us want to be part of”, needed a hug and wanted more information about Silent No More. She said I had told, “her story” too.

The many hugs I received were quite welcome for two reasons. One, I love hugs and two it was cold!

Our time went way to fast – we could have spent three hours connecting with this group, but it was getting late and it was time to head for Casper, Wyoming.

I’m so grateful that 40 Days for Life is partnering with the Silent No More Awareness Campaign


More tomorrow






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