United Tour – Utah and Idaho



We woke up in Salt Lake City, UT to a gorgeous fall day.

It was a quick drive downtown to the site of the planned parenthood, where I couldn’t help but notice the irony in the name of this building.




It doesn’t take long for the children to agree to sign the bus. img_36903







Barbara said I’d shared her story when I told mine. I love that she’s working at a Pregnancy Care Center now.





This rally was in a neighborhood. I noticed several people listening from their houses or yards. I wonder if they  know what really goes on in this building.

A man wiped away tears from his eyes as he shared with me that his sister had struggled with alcoholism her entire adult life. He’d recently learned that she had an abortion when she was younger.

We had to get on the road quickly in order to make our next rally in Meridian, Idaho. It was a cold evening, but our message was well received.


img_3724Melissa Hemphill did an excellent job sharing about the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and how her choice of abortion caused her harm.


And then there was the dinner stop. Yes, at a flying J!

More tomorrow




  1. Marnie

    I regret my abortion even though I was raped, I take responsibility for killing my unborn human child, a life God decided on. I have confessed this and been absolved of my sin, and part of my process included accepting that I murdered some body.

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