United Tour – Washington

We stopped sometime in the middle of the night on our way to Washington. Upon waking, I quickly realized that once again I didn’t know where I was.

“What state am I in?” I asked the man at the hotel lobby coffee station.

His response – “Maam, unless you are traveling on that blue bus parked out front, I’m very concerned for you.”

Once I assured him I was, he breathed a sigh of relief and told me I was in the great state of Montana.”

As I’m writing this, I realize how bad things could have gotten – because not only did I not know where I was – but I also had no ID since my purse had been left two or three states back in Salt Lake City. (Don’t worry hubby, I was traveling with a great group of people who would have come and bailed me out)


img_3774             img_3782                                                    img_3797


The fall colors were absolutely stunning on our morning drive.




The Columbia River


Later that morning, this view made my heart leap and I instantly felt grounded. I still had a ways to go – yet  just knowing  this river  flowed right by my house further downstream brought me great comfort.





Spokane was  our first Washington Event. I loved that we were on a very busy road so many people had the chance to see us. I noticed a woman watching and listening out of a top window of the facility we were praying for and made sure she could see my “I regret my abortion” sign.





I was delighted and surprised when my dear friend Esther from Human Life of Washington  showed up.  She was happy to share about the organizations new office in Fife. There’s a room for up to 50 people available to Pro Life folks for meetings, conferences, workshops etc.


Before going through the difficult yet beautiful journey of healing, the leaves turning orange only brought sadness as my body remembered things my mind was working so diligently to forget.   Now, once again, I love the Fall.


img_3839                                                                        img_3837




The threat of rain didn’t stop folks from showing up for our evening  event in Everett.


Everett, WA



Everett, WA


Everett, WA








This photo does not do justice for the beauty of these two ladies!



Everett, WA

What a joy to once again share an opportunity to be Silent No More with Frances Mack. As always, she brings truth and compassion to light as she tells her story.



The next day we had a short drive to our first stop in Tacoma. I love to see entire families at the rallies. These children are learning early on about the value of life at all stages, as well as the importance of compassion.



Tacoma, WA




Kathy Gonzales did a wonderful job of sharing about Silent No More and why she regrets her abortion. Thank you Steve Karlen and 40 Days for Life  for the opportunity.




Tacoma, WA

Another new friend – ready to be Silent No More. Did I say how much I love doing this????!!


Before I knew it – “On the Road Again” was blasting out of the speakers as the bus pulled away and yours truly was not on it!

Fortunately for me, the support van was still there so I was not left standing on the sidewalk in Tacoma while the tour headed to our next event.

About an hour down the road, we all had a good laugh when Mark (driver of the bus) called Kaile (driver of the van) to say, “Please tell me Cindy is with you.”

Now in Marks defense, I must say  I had been on the bus to get more books….


We made it just in time for a vigil stop in Vancouver, WA. The shady green pasture we gathered in, stood in sharp contrast to the abortion facility right across the street.


Vancouver, WA


Vancouver, WA


A new friend ready to join me in being Silent No More.



Vancouver, WA

There are still some spots left on the bus for signatures.



On The Road again – right across the beautiful Columbia River towards our statewide rally in Portland, OR.





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