United Tour – Oregon

After two events in Washington, it was nice to cross the Columbia into my home turf.


Portland, OR



The day was made even sweeter when I saw that my friends Gaby, Mayra, & Jasmine took time out of their day to show their support in a non judgemental way.




Portland, O




It’s always a joy to run into Gayle Attebury from Oregon Right To Life. I just love her smile!





Portland, OR

Deb Tilden with Silent No More and S.M.A.R.T. had a thing or two to say to the  clinic  right across the street. She lost her child there many years ago.


We noticed employees had their upstairs window open with a video camera rolling. Hopefully some of her message got through to them.


I’ve shared the microphone at several events lately with Kelsie Smith of Voice For Life at University of Portland. I could hear her heart for both the unborn and the heartbroken as she once again called out for her generation to grab the baton and run with it.


Portland, OR

Portland, OR

Time for tearful goodbyes with my new friends whom I plan to see again!


Home in Hood River, OR

It was hard to watch the bus pull away without me. My heart was and still is with those I’d been traveling with as well as all involved with the 40 Days for Life United Tour.

Thanks to them and all of you who have shared this journey with me.


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