It’s All In How You Look At It

Empty Box

It’s just an empty box, ready to be crushed and recycled, or is it?

A few hours before this photo was taken, this box held  25 copies of my first book Love Will.  These books were different than all the other copies that had gone out before them.

You see, the money collected for these books brought me through the break even point for book production costs and website start up expenses.  Because of that, they were infused with a plethora of hopes, dreams, and excitement. (I don’t normally use words like plethora, but I’m thinking it fits well here)

Donations were now passing through my hands and into the checking account of the organization that saved my life.

The Columbia Gorge Pregnancy Resource Center didn’t exist when I made the poor choice of abortion at the age of 19. But they were there for me years later when my world was crumbling. When I was at a Y on my lifes road, with one sign pointing to joy and the other to death. And they are there for the scared women and men who walk through their doors searching for something most of society does not have to offer – encouragement that they CAN choose life for their child.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t owe the CGPRC anything. I’m not doing this in order to appease my guilt. That’s already been taken care of. Nor am I serving to feel valuable, I know I already am.

The truth is, I’m serving out of gratitude. You see I believe there is great value in being thankful. In order to be an effective speaker, I need to go back and remember the years of torment between my abortion and my healing. It’s not an easy place to revisit over and over again.

But my thankfulness is multiplied every time my sharing gives women the courage to reach out for help. And it’s multiplied every time I see those women transition to joy during the healing programs.  And when a stranger approaches me, asks me if I am Cindy. Then hugs me and proceeds to share that I spoke with her daughter when she had an abortion appointment scheduled, and that her grandson is the apple of her eye.

Look again inside that box. Can you see the redemption, the power, the possibility?

There is always going to be someone who has more of anything you name – than you do. And there will always be someone who has less of anything you name – than you do. Do you think you will have more joy if you focus on the one with more, or the one with less?

I read something awhile back that really convicted me

“What if when you woke up tomorrow morning and you only had in your life, the things you thanked God for today.” Author unknown

Corrie Ten Boom knows well about the power of being thankful. click here

So my encouraging advice for today is this:

Consider the connection between thankfulness and joy.

If you don’t have any or enough joy in your life, stop what you are doing, grab a piece of paper and write three things to be thankful for. (if you can’t come up with something, and you are still breathing – write down the following    1.breathing 2. able to write 3. access to computer/internet)

Now close your eyes and imagine not having those things.

I can never be thankful for choosing abortion, but I can be thankful for the 17 years of suffering. For it is because of that suffering that I have been able to experience a tremendous amount of joy. In fact, as of today – that joy has lasted for 17 years, 3 months, and 10 days. So I guess I win. And so can you!











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