Please Say My Name Tour – a 683 mile walk around Oregon


Elroy King  PUBLICATION: Dalles Chronicle, (The Dalles, OR) SECTION: News DATE: September 10, 2010 Page: A4

Cindy Brunk has picked up a few more people to join her in her 683 mile fund raising hike for the Pregnancy Resource Center in Hood River and a few other groups with similar interest have piggy-backed into that effort.

Brunk, from Hood River, will start her walk Saturday at Jackson Park in Hood River and expects to arrive in The Dalles at about 5:30 p.m. Her stopping and starting point at 8 a.m. Sunday morning will be the intersection of Chenowith Road and Sevenmile Hill Road on the west end of town.

As of mid-week, she says she will be accompanied by seven or eight other walkers when she arrives in The Dalles Saturday night. There will be two to four with her on Sunday morning Cindy Brunk when the group will go from the starting point and t h e n t h r o u g h downtown The Dalles. She expects they will arrive in the downtown area around 10 a.m. and welcomes the public to come out and support the effort, hopefully by making pledges or one-time contributions.

Her goal at the start is to cover the full distance in 36 days, going about 20 miles a day, sticking to the back roads in the state.

Brunk says she welcomes others to join her any time during the walk. She can be reached at her cell phone at (5 4 1) 4 9 0 -6 1 2 1. Wa l k progress can be followed onl i n e a t www.pleasesaymyname. com. Blogs will be posted on a daily basis.

One national organization and three state organizations have joined her in the fundraising effort. They are Silent No More Awareness Campaign, the national group; and Project Aurora, the Pregnancy Resource Center in McMinnville and the St. Mary’s of Pendleton Life Committee. These groups will get 75 percent of any amount pledged made to them and Hood River’s PRC will get the other 25 percent.

So far Brunk says she has pledges of $5, 400 and with the other groups joining in she hopes that the effort will raise the $200, 000 goal or more. She also hopes to add more co-sponsors.

The goal is to raise enough for PRC can buy its own building in Hood River, and then redirect the money paid in lease to establish a full time center in The Dalles.



Woman treks for Pregnancy Resource Center


by: Photo by Susan Matheny - Trekker Cindy Brunk enters north Madras last Thursday.

by: Photo by Susan Matheny – Trekker Cindy Brunk enters north Madras last Thursday.

Hood River trekker Cindy Brunk passed through Madras on day 20 of her 683-mile tour through 11 towns in Oregon to raise funds to build a Pregnancy Resource Center in her hometown.
Calling it the “Please Say My Name Tour,” Brunk’s walk will crisscross the state, stopping in towns with Gardens of Hope dedicated to infants lost to abortion and stillbirth.
The towns with gardens include: Pendleton, Madras, Redmond, Sublimity, Aumsville, Keizer, Newberg, Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Boring, and Odell. Brunk has also stopped in other towns, including Antelope on Sept. 28, to stay overnight with supporters.
In Madras, she visited a Garden of Hope at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.
Instead of focusing on the divisive issue of abortion, Brunk chose to do the walk to focus on unexpected pregnancy, and where people can go for help — like a Pregnancy Resource Center.
She trained 1 1/2 years to do the walk, which began Sept. 11, in Hood River and will end Oct. 16 in Odell. Two support vehicles are accompanying her.
Along the way, Brunk will be joined during short segments by others who are raising pledges for their area Pregnancy Resource Centers, with a portion going toward her goal of raising $200,000 for the Pregnancy Resource Center in Hood River to purchase its own building. As of Oct. 1, her website showed $8,210 had been raised for her project.
To track Brunk’s trek, or to find out more about the tour visit the website



‘Name’tour reaches finish 

Elroy King The Chronicle  PUBLICATION: Dalles Chronicle, (The Dalles, OR)SECTION: Faith & Values DATE: October 22, 2010 Page: A4


Thirty six days and 683 miles later Cindy Brunk was right back where she started her “Please Say My Name” tour Sept. 11.

The tour was a fundraiser for the Pregnancy Resource Centers in the gorge.

The starting and finishing place was Jackson Park in Hood River and it ended Oct. 16.

She was joined by at least 70 people during various parts of the tour, with her partner Deborah Tilden, from Newberg, who racked up just under 500 miles.

The mission statement of the team is to “Cultivate understanding of the heart connection we have with our foregone children.” The team visited 11 memorial sites for children lost anytime after conception.

During the tour, and through the end of October, the walkers are seeking donations for several organizations providing support and services to those facing unexpected pregnancies, or healing programs for those struggling with their choice of abortion.

The majority of the $10, 000 collected will go to the Columbia Gorge Pregnancy Resource Centers, currently operating in The Dalles at Emmanuel Baptist Church. The PRC has its own office in Hood River and Brunk said PRC h a s h i r e d M e l i s s a Kendrick to help set up a full-time center in The Dalles.

Brunk said the team made presentations at several churches and gatherings along the route, staying with host families in campgrounds and at churches.

Brunk and Tilden say they know from personal experience that abortion may not be the “easy solution” it’s often presented as. They’ve found that by sharing their stories, others who are suffering can find the help they need.

PRC provides a variety of services and alternatives for families facing unexpected pregnancies.

Brunk said “The most exciting day was when we were mistaken for kidnappers and had the pleasure of visiting with about 10 state and city police officers.” This happened while they were on Santiam Pass and Oregon State and Salem city police were involved.

Brunk said the motor home that accompanied them had a “Please Say My Name” sign in a window, and a passing motorist thought it said “Please Save Me.” Brunk and the other walkers had few physical problems. She said she and Tilden both lost weight.

The first week of walking was the hardest but then their bodies adjusted and other than a few blisters, some heat rash and some scratches from blackberry vines, they fared pretty well.

Brunk was the only walker for about 10 days of the tour, but the motor home and another support vehicle were always nearby.

She said she saw parts of the state she had never seen before and took lots of pictures.


Caption: PARTNERS FOR much of the recent “Please Say My Name Tour” (from left to right), Deborah Tilden, Cindy Brunk, with drivers Diane Barnes and Gail Severiensen reached the end of their trek last Saturday when they arrived at Jackson Park, the same place Brunk had started on Sept. 11. Contributed photo.